Being rain, dust and shock-resistant, BixiBox enables you to capture everything substantial, providing wide angle of view, sufficient space for an external battery and a lock option to keep it away from uninvited guests. There’s no limits with BixiBox!

Construction site monitoring

If you engage in construction projects, you’ll surely appreciate the use of BixiBox. Thanks to a massive articulated arm, you can place it anywhere needed. The UV filter protects the lens and provides images that are hazeless and sharp. Make use of the special socket for an external battery or connecting solar panels.

Environmental monitoring

Record the whole extent of natural changes and the severity of their impacts. BixiBox is outdoor friendly and therefore ideal for environmental monitoring - watch the changes in water levels of rivers and lakes, high tide and low tide, vegetable growth, animal behaviour and much more.
There’s no limits using BixiBox - no matter your experience or qualification. It’s an ultimate helper and protector of your camera.






Outdoor box:
  • Durable adjustment
  • UV filter in basic design
  • Battery space
  • Lockable door
  • Color: black
  • Masisve ball joint positioning holder
More info in user guide.
  • Online remote management
  • 3G/4G, WiFi or Ethernet
  • Specific configuration of intervals
  • Suitable for solar powered stations
  • Automatic picture upload
  • A wide range of supported cameras
More info at
Time-lapse browser:
  • Browsing through the project photos
  • Possibility to download a photo / video
  • Automatic video generating
  • Multiple ways of Bixion unit connection
  • Viewable on pc or phone
  • Easy way to present your project
More info at

Installation is very quick and simple. Bixibox is ready to be used within 10 minutes.

We understand the requirements and expectations of our customers and therefore, we offer a reasonably priced solution for monitoring of your projects.

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